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Using Confluence’s Wiki I created “How Mequoda Works”, a high level on-boarding wiki space for new employees at Mequoda. A quick review of what Mequoda does, how the company is structured, as in who does what and how they work together.

I have worked with Mequoda since 2008 as a front end developer taking on freelance work when available. Throughout the years the company has restructured and refined their focuses, which lead to numerous changes in where information can be retrieved. The How Mequoda Works wiki resolves some of the mysticism.

Document Type

High-level on-boarding wiki that describes how Mequoda is organized (who does what) and what Mequoda does.

Reader Profile

New Mequoda staff members.

Key Issues To Convey

  • What does Mequoda do specifically
  • What is Haven, Mequoda’s proprietary content marketing platform
  • Who does what at Mequoda
  • How the company communicates internally

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