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I actively document new and updated features for the OmniStudio application suite of products: OmniScripts (used to build process flows), FlexCards (used to build UI components), DataRaptor (used to read data or write data to objects), and Integration Procedures (for declarative, server-side processes that execute multiple actions in a single server call).

Migrated over 2300 docs from Paligo (DocBook) to Oxygen (Dita).

Sample from OmniStudio Docs.

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Administrators and developers.

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Write help docs, UI text, and release notes. Update developer READMEs and API docs.


  • CMS (Writing and Publishing): Previously, Paligo (DocBook) for writing and publishing; currently Oxygen (Dita) for writing and Perforce for source control and publishing; Markdown and Git tool for updating devdocs
  • Project Management: previously, Jira; currently Salesforce internal project management tool
  • Content Strategy
  • Quip for documentation drafts and sharing information with SMEs

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