Recipe Lion Cooking Club Training Manual

Recipe Lion Cooking Club Internal Training Manual

From 2008 until 2019 I worked as a front end developer for Mequoda, a magazine consulting firm that builds content marketing systems for niche publishers. After doing front-end development work for Recipe Loon Cooking Club in 2018, I was tasked to create an internal training manual for the marketing staff who responsible for adding and updating content on the site.

Sample from Recipe Lion Cooking Club Haven Training Manual.

Document Type

PDF Training Manual for internal use to add to and update content on the Recipe Lion Cooking Club website.

Reader Profile

Multi-level users who already know how WordPress works and how Mequoda’s Haven (proprietary theme, plugin and third party services system) works. Specifically, marketing staff and front-end developers (UI Engineers as they are called internally).

Key Issues To Convey

  • How to add content to specific parts of the website as needed
  • How to easily find information and perform actions as needed

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