WordPress For Absolute Beginners User Guide

When I was a WordPress front end developer and designer, I built WordPress powered websites for small business and non-profit clients throughout the years. Inspired by my more novice clients, I started an online user guide for WordPress users who need to know the fundamentals on how WordPress works.

(**WordPress For Absolute Beginners is no longer actively updated.)

See WordPress for Beginners website.

Document Type

Online user guide for users new to WordPress’s self-hosted platform.

Reader Profile

WordPress users with little to know knowledge of how a Content Management System (CMS) works and specifically how WordPress works. Users can be individuals who want to publish a blog, personal website or small business website. Or, users can be entry-level marketers who are tasked to use WordPress for marketing purposes within their company.

Key Issues To Convey

  • What is WordPress
  • How to get around WordPress’s administrative area
  • How to add and manage content

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