WordPress For Absolute Beginners User Guide

As a freelance WordPress front end developer and designer, I’ve built WordPress powered websites for small business and non-profit clients throughout the years. Inspired by my more novice clients, I started an online user guide for WordPress users who need to know the fundamentals on how WordPress works. From what WordPress is and how to install WordPress to how to publish content in WordPress.

**WordPress For Absolute Beginners is part of an ongoing project. As I have time I add new articles to the website.

Document Type

Online user guide for users new to WordPress’s self-hosted platform.

Reader Profile

WordPress users with little to know knowledge of how a Content Management System (CMS) works and specifically how WordPress works. Users can be individuals who want to publish a blog, personal website or small business website. Or, users can be entry-level marketers who are tasked to use WordPress for marketing purposes within their company.

Key Issues To Convey

  • What is WordPress
  • How to get around WordPress’s administrative area
  • How to add content and manage content

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